headshot daisiesAward-winning writer Pamella Bowen spent 33 years of her life teaching high-schoolers to write. After retirement, she set off on her own writing spree, writing novels, song lyrics, poems, blogs, and entertainment articles for Echo and Buzz, a local paper.  She and her husband Don started Green and Purple Publishing in spring of 2018 and published their first book, Folding Memory, on July 4, 2018. They enjoy working together to put out new titles that will spread God’s love.


don_at_weddingDon Bowen, retired school computer technician, is the inspiration for Glen in Folding Memory. He can be found at coffee houses, restaurants, and waiting rooms around his home town of Temecula, California with his signature green frog-paper, folding hopping frogs for young and old.  Learn how to fold a frog by watching this video!