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Jesus in Jeans for bookmarkJesus in Jeans Journal takes you on a spiritual journey as you write your personal responses to the original paintings of Nicole Schiffers or to the selected scripture passages attached to each image.
Author Pamella Bowen provides guidance on journaling methods to help you get started talking to God and hearing back from him. The paintings of Jesus in contemporary dress, engaged in everyday activities will warm your heart. If you are not in love with Jesus now, chances are you will be by the time you have opened yourself to the twenty paintings in this unique journal.

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Glen used to make children laugh with the whimsical hopping frogs he folded for them.  All those joys have faded in the forgetfulness of dementia, now that Grandpa Glen lives in a nursing home. One day Glen’s grandson Daniel sparks his grandpa’s memory in a clever way, showing that Glen’s love and playfulness haven’t died. Parents and grandparents will find Folding Memory: an Alzheimer’s Story a conversation-starter for children whose grandparent suffers from any form of dementia.


The Story of the Story

Don Bowen has known how to fold an origami frog since middle school.  He used to fold them to entertain our girls when they were stuck at a restaurant table, waiting for the food to come. Since our nest became empty of children, he has shared his frogs with random children at coffee shops, waiting rooms, and cafes across the US and Canada. At first, he would employ a kids’ menu or a placemat, but when we got “serious” about the hobby, he started carrying pre-squared paper in his jacket or in the car.  He prefers to use green “frog paper,” but any color will do.

When we got the idea to make a children’s book about frog folding, we felt the book needed a conflict to give it substance. In a sudden flash, the idea of the frog’s being a memory trigger came to me.  However, I wavered back and forth, fearing that the topic would limit our range of readers. But when I considered a book on just frog-folding, the idea seemed flat. So, we have a book on dementia and a family’s challenge to cope with it.

Our charming illustrations are by Tam Aden who answered my facebook call for an artist. Our YouTube video tutorial is by Trinity Alcazar, and our cover design is by Helen Marx Art. We are grateful to all our friends who helped us realize the dream of making a book.