Here are all our current titles for adults and children. Click the link below to browse them on

Our dad’s memoir: BombsBettyandBedcounts-3D

Adults need to play more: playtogod-PB-3D

Two interactive books to help you get closer to God:

old vine kindle cover

A parable-like tale of ego, love and forgiveness, in English or Spanish. For all ages.


Vid Viejo Kindle cover


Jesus in Jeans for bookmark 125x153An interactive journal surrounding paintings of Jesus. Teens to adults.


P for World for bookmark 125x135

A primer for prayer, with paintings by global artists.

Ages 7+

Faith and Grace Front Cover 125x125

A bedtime book about prayer.

Ages 3+



book_cover_700x760A conversation-starter for families dealing with dementia.

Ages 5+