Pam Answers McLaren 4

Chapter 2, question 4 The main apologetic I read was Mere Christianity by CS Lewis. It made me cry and affected me a lot when I first read it. Later, I read a critique saying that apologetics are to make you believe. Faith needs no apology. So, I am conflicted about it. When Lewis says,… Read More

Pam Answers McLaren 3

This is one of a series of blogs in which I respond to some of the questions asked by Brian McLaren in his book Faith After Doubt. The book spoke to me deeply since I am living through a dark night. Heads up: my answers are personal and unfiltered. They may make you mad or… Read More

Pray for the World Is Back—in new dress

Take a look at the new cover of Pray for the World. The original cover from 2018, based on a painting by my friend and mentor Shelley Hitz, we designed ourselves. This year, we decided to spring for a new one designed by Pixel Studio. It’s brighter and sends a clearer message about the book,… Read More

Subtitle Blues

My new novel, Magdalena’s Demons, is coming soon. Unlike nonfiction books, which often have subtitles, a novel doesn’t need one. It’s pretty common, though, to see book covers that say “a novel” after the title. I did some research, and apparently this moniker is called a “reading line,” not a subtitle. Its purpose is controversial,… Read More