Pam Answers McLaren 3

This is one of a series of blogs in which I respond to some of the questions asked by Brian McLaren in his book Faith After Doubt. The book spoke to me deeply since I am living through a dark night. Heads up: my answers are personal and unfiltered. They may make you mad or… Read More

Pray for the World Is Back—in new dress

Take a look at the new cover of Pray for the World. The original cover from 2018, based on a painting by my friend and mentor Shelley Hitz, we designed ourselves. This year, we decided to spring for a new one designed by Pixel Studio. It’s brighter and sends a clearer message about the book,… Read More

Subtitle Blues

My new novel, Magdalena’s Demons, is coming soon. Unlike nonfiction books, which often have subtitles, a novel doesn’t need one. It’s pretty common, though, to see book covers that say “a novel” after the title. I did some research, and apparently this moniker is called a “reading line,” not a subtitle. Its purpose is controversial,… Read More

Free Books

As I look toward closing Green and Purple Publishing in 2021, I want to thank all of you who have subscribed to my blog for your support and encouragement. If there are any of my books you have not been able to purchase, I would like to bring you a signed copy of those you… Read More