Just checking my “stats” and I see that my Old Town Agave post got more views than any of my written posts. People like to look at pictures. People don’t like to read. Those are my conclusions. So, let me post some more pictures of Old Town for your enjoyment. Why not?

Homeless Girl, Ten-minute object writing

Her hand-me-down dress was way too big for her, hem nearly reaching her skinny ankles and the waist not touching her anywhere.  Her dusty legs went directly into dirty red Keds, not taking on any socks, clean or otherwise.  No one had bothered to wash, brush, or trim the mousy, lank strands that fell limply… Read More

PaSoWriMo Begins Tomorrow

Tomorrow is November 1, and thousands of crazy novelists across the country will start feverishly composing their 50,000-word novels for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), finishing them by midnight on November 30. Two years ago I accomplished this feat with my semi-autobiographical novel, Avocado Highway. This year, I am instituting a new challenge called PaSoWriMo… Read More


Sitting in the waiting room the other day, I overheard some people about my age (Boomers), lamenting that modern kids are over-protected and never go outdoors. “What’s all this whoo-ha about bullying? That’s just a normal part of school life. We were all bullied.” Whether the speaker was right or not, it is true that… Read More