Reading at Dorland

Today I have the privilege of reading for five minutes along with five other poets at Art Under the Oaks, the annual art festival at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony in Temecula. This is one of the lyrics I will be reading. NO PEACE OF MIND Verse 1: What is on your mind right now? Thinking… Read More


Deep calls to deep Day speaks to day Night to night declares, And what is it they say? Chorus: We are God’s handiwork We share in his glory Worshiping wordlessly We send out his story. Come in answer to our call: Help us praise the Lord of all. Tree sighs to tree Bird sings to… Read More


Intro: When you think the whole world’s gone to hell, Remember what the Scriptures have to tell: Chorus: The Father is still working. His Son is working, too. The Spirit is still working, Inside of me and you. Verse 1: We are working to save the world. We are working to share the truth. We… Read More

Song #13 for the 2014 Fifty-Ninety

CRACKED VESSEL Verse 1: A cracked vessel is the mind What goes in leaks out in time: People’s names and people’s faces, What took place in certain places, All the science, all the math, Memories of the distant past. CHORUS: YOU CAN’T ADD MORE TO A FILLED-UP CUP, YOU NEED TO LET SOME OUT. THAT… Read More

You’re Missing a Great Sunset

Inspired by something Amy said when we were all yacking away, ignoring the beautiful sunset, this is song #29 for November 29. YOU’RE MISSING A GREAT SUNSET by Pam Bowen Verse 1: Standing on the windy pier, I looked west. You faced eastward, shading your cellphone screen, Drawn away from me by some important text.… Read More

Implant Bar and Grill

Here is song #27 for November 27, inspired by a certain restaurant with busty waitresses. Enjoy. IMPLANT BAR AND GRILL by Pam Bowen Verse 1: Hey, man, want something to eat? Let’s go out, it’s my treat. The wings are not all that’s hot At my favorite dining spot. CHORUS: IT’S HARD TO TELL WHAT’S… Read More