Bats and Losers

Here is a five-minute exercise on Late Evening and a 90-second one on Crossing the Finish Line Up above the tops of the tall pines, bats swooped. The sky still glowed with a remnant of blue light so we could see the bats. Before us at he center of the fire ring, the ranger was… Read More

Curb, 5-min object writing

I didn’t like the exercises I wrote today, so I’m putting up this one from 4/26: No benches or planters near the Baskin Robbins, so we sat on the curb of the parking lot. My cone was nutty coconut, pure white and sweet with huge chunks of walnuts and almonds protruding from the surface. His… Read More

On the Radio

During our recent visit to Nashville, we sat in on the live broadcast of The Music Row Show on WLAC. Former Temeculite, Scott Southworth, hosts the show with charming sidekick Heino Moeller. We sat in the corner of the studio, quiet as mice, while Scott and Heino interviewed publisher Woody Bomar and writer Brett Jones.… Read More