On Constable’s “Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop’s grounds”

On Constable’s “Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop’s Grounds” (Challenge #20) by Pamella Bowen O, dreamy scene of spire kissed by sun And framed by ancient trees in foreground green With water meadows, cows and shining brook, Why do my heartstrings leap at sight of you? When Constable put brush to canvas then To paint your… Read More

Reptilian Brain

Does a snake luxuriate in a desert sunset? Does a lizard pen paeans to sandy solitude? No time for that foolishness— It’s fight or flight. Does a human luxuriate in a penthouse view? Does homo sapiens send e-mails extolling a peaceful encounter? No time for that foolishness— It’s kill or be killed, Strike while the… Read More

Still Hungry

The apple The manna The barbecue offerings The unleavened bread The wine jugs in Cana The food for the thousands The last supper The post-resurrection fishes. God, I think you’re all about food, About eating together here, About hospitality now, In the delectable real world. But, no. The Learned Preacher says you mean Spiritual Food… Read More

Stained Glass

The prompt was: Where do you see stained glass? Sainte-Chapelle shines in Paris. Saint Peter’s awes in Rome. High-class gallery, NYC, Stained glass makes its home. Transom in a tenement, Pizza palace lampshade, Jesus in a Baptist church, Stained glass takes its space. Came and colors come together, Worked by hands on wooden tables. Lead… Read More


Written to the prompt:  What was the last thing you killed?   I’m no killer, I swear. I’d never take a life, Send someone otherwhere At point of gun or knife. I’d never kill a dog, Unless he was very sick And blind and old and crippled And needed put to sleep. I’d never kill… Read More

The Reflection Freestyle

The title is a randomly-generated FAWM title, and I found the words and phrases in some of the reflections in Forward Day by Day.   Who are You? Demographic information. Skin color, level of education. Consternation. Separation. Judging Others. Demanding. Failing. Big deal guilt. Punishing. Paralyzed. Distracted by attractions, addictions. Fully awake, nothing is wasted.… Read More

Book-Spine Poem: Mystics

The assigned topic was to take a selection of titles from the spines of the books in my bookcase and make something of them. Raw Man, Alias Shakespeare, Was Living on the Border of the Holy. The Confessions he uttered Into the Silent Land Echoed off the Rocks and Minerals, And God Spoke: “Already Amazing,… Read More