God Invented Sex

The second in the series of Deadly Sin poems, I tried to use one of the random FAWM titles, but it didn’t work with my idea.  I chose this title to grab the attention of the reader.   When God invented sex, it wasn’t just to multiply. It’s to make another person the apple of… Read More

Failed in Me

Another random title.  Don’t take it too literally.  I am really quite pleased with my life, but the title took me south.   A nasty virus made its way From my finger to my eye. It entered in my bloodstream, But my antibodies cried, “Oh, no you don’t, invader!” And the evil virus died. A… Read More

Drinking Nice

[Again, a random title generated on the FAWM site.] Drinking nice must be taught; It won’t come to you naturally. Given the choice, you’ll swill and belch And laugh and slap your belly. Drinking nice involves a cork Pulled gently, with finesse, A sniff, a nod, a swirling gaze And swishing as a test. Drinking… Read More

Family Laundry

Just let me start this load of clothes And then I’ll write a poem. I posted one on April first, And I gotta keep ’em flowin’. Just let me get a little snack And then I’ll get to writing. I’m supposed to write on family And that’s not too exciting. Who wants to hear of… Read More

Six-Lune Verse

April 1:  First day of NaPoWriMo.  The prompt is to write a Lune, or a poem made up of several Lunes.  Apparently a lune is a three-line poem made of five-three-five syllables or five-three-five words.  Here is my response: On April Fool’s Day, Writer’s Block Knocks my Muse out cold.   “That’s a dirty trick,”… Read More

Limericks on Teaching

Six months have passed since I retired from teaching, giving me the necessary distance to look back on my long career with some humor and nostalgia rather than pain and dismay.  Below are some limericks I wrote  as examples for my students when I assigned limerick-writing.  I hope you get a kick out of them.… Read More