Labyrinth Wakening: a spiritual journey novel

Announcing the second novel from Pamella Bowen and Green and Purple Publishing—Labyrinth Wakening.  Graced by a sunrise-bright cover painted by Sacha Hope, the journey of Therese Oakes traces her transformation from selfish Bridezilla to loving follower of a divine voice she discovers through the mystical labyrinth. Order the paperback or e-book here:  Order Now

Destiny Fair

The working title of this, our first novel, was Orphan Circus, but it’s now called Destiny Fair because though a circus does figure in the story, the main action takes place at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. The fact that two of the main characters are orphans is less important than the coming together… Read More

Celebrating Two Years

We are proud to announce that Pam and Don have written, edited, formatted,  and published TWELVE BOOKS in the first two years of business. We want to thank all of you who have opened our emails, followed our blog, shared our posts, ordered our books, and read/reviewed them since 2018. You are our reason to… Read More