Still Hungry

The apple The manna The barbecue offerings The unleavened bread The wine jugs in Cana The food for the thousands The last supper The post-resurrection fishes. God, I think you’re all about food, About eating together here, About hospitality now, In the delectable real world. But, no. The Learned Preacher says you mean Spiritual Food… Read More

Stained Glass

The prompt was: Where do you see stained glass? Sainte-Chapelle shines in Paris. Saint Peter’s awes in Rome. High-class gallery, NYC, Stained glass makes its home. Transom in a tenement, Pizza palace lampshade, Jesus in a Baptist church, Stained glass takes its space. Came and colors come together, Worked by hands on wooden tables. Lead… Read More

Reflection on a Dead Dog

This morning my friend Tanya posted on Facebook about a violent incident she witnessed in her neighborhood. A man was kicking his dogs with his children crying and screaming nearby. He kicked one into the street where it was run over by a car and “died instantly.” Afterwards he returned laughing to the house. More… Read More

Meditation on Psalm 118

“The stone that the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone” I want to think about the builders. Humans are the builders. God is a maker—things “come into being” at his command, but I don’t think he is portrayed building. Jesus says he can “rebuild the Temple”, but he is a human, too. Humans built… Read More

Brewer Boys Escape X-Factor, Integrity Intact

WARNING: This blog is written by a Christian and may refer to concepts you don’t espouse. This morning I had one of those small epiphanies that the Heavenly Muse sometimes sends: The Brewer Boys, as well as Hayley Stayner, Caylie Miranda Gregorio, Kanan Road Band, and all the other contestants not remaining in the final… Read More